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Abnormal Bleeding

What scan is needed?

CDS uses advanced transvaginal scanning (TVS) techniques to identify the cause of irregular or abnormal uterine bleeding. We are recognised worldwide for our pioneering work in this field, and in promoting its use in the investigation of pelvic disease.

What can it show?

Abnormal bleeding can be caused by a number of reasons.  Transvaginal ultrasound scanning is fully established as the first step of investigation.

The vast majority of cases are non-cancerous, but still need to be thoroughly assessed. It should be recognised that many cases are in fact caused by hormonal issues. The most common causes are found to be:

  • Uterine fibroids or polyps
  • Abnormal changes within the lining of the womb cavity (endometrium)
  • Ovarian cysts causing hormonal imbalance
  • HRT

The state-of-the-art techniques offered by CDS are also very effective in the early detection of cancer of the uterus and cervix. CDS are pioneers in developing saline infusion (SIS) and virtual 3D imaging of the womb cavity which offer high quality imaging to identify the causes of abnormal bleeding.

Abnormal bleeding is often accompanied by pelvic pain. Find out more about common causes and how we can help here