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Advanced Pelvic Ultrasound Assessment

A significant number of patients present with pelvic disorders which might prevent natural conception or normal development of early pregnancy.  It is crucial to exclude gynaecological or anatomical issues which might be the cause of infertility or recurrent miscarriage.  CDS are leaders in this field and offer considerable expertise in the investigation of gynaecological disorders associated with difficulty to conceive.

Modern transvaginal (TVS) 3D scanning clearly identifies anatomical malformations of the uterus or the presence of

Advanced Pelvic Ultrasound CDS TVS

Advanced Pelvic Ultrasound CDS TVS

uterine lesions such as fibroids, polyps etc.  High definition TVS ultrasound using colour Doppler (blood flow) imaging provides accurate assessment of ovulation and demonstrates ovulatory disorders.  Advanced HSS and SIS ultrasound procedures available at CDS are able to check the healthiness of the Fallopian tubes and uterine (womb) cavity respectively.

Thorough gynaecological examination allows more appropriate choice of treatment options to be selected.  It is essential for patients attending for IVF in particular to ensure these tests are carried out prior to treatment.  Detailed 3D TVS also confirm ovarian follicle numbers and general scanning indicates the accessibility of the ovaries for patients undergoing IVF-related techniques.

CDS can provide patients with direct access to established clinical specialists in those cases where gynaecological problems are identified and need to be addressed.

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