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Advanced Prenatal (Down’s Syndrome) Screening

10 – 14 Weeks

The CDS scanning team has very extensive, long-term experience in non-invasive ultrasound screening for Down’s Syndrome and other types of chromosomal abnormalities which might affect the baby.  Advanced ultrasound imaging combined with improvements in blood tests from the mother provides the basis for better screening of pregnancies.  CDS Ultrasound is able to offer a choice of screening options carried out between 10 – 14 weeks gestation:

  • BASIC NUCHAL TEST:    A relatively simple blood test from the mother is combined with standard measurements of the baby (to include the thickness of the skin at the back of the neck i.e. “Nuchal Thickness”).  The so-called “Nuchal Test” generates a statistical “Risk Factor” reflecting the likelihood of Downs Syndrome and/or several of the other more common chromosomal disorders.
  • COMPREHENSIVE SCREENING TEST:     Ultrasound measurements are combined with a far better blood test thereby providing a much more effective screening test.  In addition a very detailed examination of the baby’s major organs and general development is carried out.  This identifies further anatomical changes within the baby which might be associated with chromosomal issues as well as identifying structural abnormalities at a very early stage.
  • HARMONY BLOOD TEST:           A much more complex blood test is able to check the DNA from the baby’s cells which naturally circulate within the mother’s blood.  This proves to be extremely accurate in predicting which babies might be affected by Downs Syndrome etc.

NOTE:   Most babies are very healthy and abnormal findings are very rare.   Advanced ultrasound scanning and screening programmes offer tremendous reassurance to parents in the vast majority of cases. 

NOTE: CDS Ultrasound personnel are readily available to address any queries regarding non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) or explain results as part of screening programmes.

A copy of the patient information brochure “Advanced Pregnancy (Down’s Syndrome) Screening at Clinical Diagnostic Services” is available on request.  

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