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Advanced Ultrasound Scanning

CDS is able to offer its patients very advanced ultrasound imaging technologies as part of standard transvaginal (“internal”) and transabdominal (“external”) scanning.  These significantly increase the accuracy of the ultrasound examination and gynaecological issues can often be diagnosed at a much earlier stage of development.

Modern colour Doppler imaging shows very fine blood flow through organ tissues as well as within major arteries and veins.  This allows diffuse disease, such as pelvic infection or endometriosis, to be identified more clearly with ultrasound.  It can also show certain blood flow changes within the ovary which reflect hormonal activity and ovulatory changes without the need for blood tests.  Transvaginal colour Doppler imaging is shown to be very effective indeed in the early detection of ovarian and other pelvic cancers.

3D ultrasound provides clearer imaging of the pelvic anatomy, particularly that of the uterus (womb) and ovaries.  It is able to outline pelvic masses and ovarian lesions in more detail.  Transvaginal 3D imaging is very important in assessing the spread of more extensive gynaecological disease within the pelvis such as severe endometriosis, infection and cancer.

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