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Assisted Conception (IVF) Monitoring

Serial ovarian follicle and endometrial thickness measurements are routinely used for assessing the patient’s response to ovarian stimulation as part of ovulation induction (e.g. Clomid) cycles or IVF-related treatments.  Ultrasound monitoring is carried out in conjunction with blood tests in many units in order to time ovulation or the egg collection procedure (IVF).  Advanced ultrasound technology can reduce the need for blood tests and serves to provide more effective monitoring in leading clinics.  Other forms of IVF or ART (“assisted reproduction techniques”) such as ovum donation or frozen embryo replacement, might only involve serial assessment of endometrial thickness and textural changes.

CDS are regarded as pioneers in ultrasound assessment of assisted conception cycles and offer considerable expertise particularly in the monitoring of IVF cycles.

Flexible appointment times, i.e. to include early morning, early evening and weekends, as well as a choice of clinic locations are available for the convenience of patients undergoing IVF-related or other forms of ovarian stimulation treatments.

CDS works very closely with the referring clinics and ensures results are forwarded to them immediately.  It has long term experience in co-ordinating other tests, such as blood tests, for the patient as part of treatment cycle monitoring.

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