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Comprehensive Cycle Monitoring

Comprehensive Cycle Monitoring

What is it?

This involves a number of scans (typically 3-4) during a single, natural cycle that gives a comprehensive overview of the ovulatory cycle.

Advanced 2D and 3D (transvaginal) ultrasound scanning at CDS provides the basis for a very thorough evaluation of fertility status and diagnosis of gynaecological factors which might reduce or prevent the ability to conceive.

What can it show?

Serial scans allow close monitoring of the cycle, showing the development of the ovarian (egg) follicles and the lining of the womb (endometrium). This can confirm the timing of ovulation itself, identifying the fertile window for that month. These scans give us important information both leading up to and, crucially,  following ovulation itself. Cycle monitoring can help patients conceive, and also provides valuable information for any future treatments that might be needed.

Comprehensive scans during the ovulatory cycle can identify gynaecological disorders which may make it more difficult to conceive or prevent normal development of an early pregnancy.

CDS can also:

  • carry out ultrasound checks of the Fallopian tubes (HSS)
  • carry out advanced 3D ultrasound of the uterine cavity (SIS)
  • arrange relevant blood tests as part of cycle monitoring
  • organise semen analysis, and provide high definition testicular ultrasound

We provide flexible appointment times and can see patients in the early morning, early evening and weekends, as well as a choice of clinic location.

An in-depth, summary report is provided for the couple following completion of the cycle.

NOTE:  A significant number of patients will conceive within one or two monitored cycles where there is an absence of any gynaecological problem.

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