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Comprehensive Cycle Monitoring

Advanced 2D and 3D (transvaginal) ultrasound scanning at CDS provides the basis for a very thorough evaluation of fertility status and diagnosis of gynaecological factors which might reduce or prevent the ability to conceive.  A number of scans (typically 3-4) during a single, natural cycle can identify gynaecological disorders, confirm ovarian follicle (egg) reserve and allow close monitoring of ovarian and uterine development associated with ovulation itself.  Detailed scanning allows accurate timing of the “fertile (ovulatory) window” for that month.

Relevant blood tests can be arranged during the cycle.  HSS ultrasound check of the Fallopian tubes is often carried out prior to ovulation.

Semen analysis can also be organised.  High definition testicular ultrasound is available at CDS and is particularly recommended in cases of poor test results.

Flexible appointment times, i.e. to include early morning, early evening and weekends, as well as a choice of clinic location are available, particularly for the convenience of patients undergoing monitoring of natural cycles.

An in-depth, summary report is provided for the couple following completion of the cycle.

NOTE:  a number of patients will conceive during cycle monitoring, particularly when no significant pelvic pathology or ovulatory disorders are identified.

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