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Detailed 20 – 22 Weeks Scan


What it is?

This is a universal 2D and 3D ultrasound check offered to pregnant women to check the development of the baby.

When can you have it?

20 – 22 weeks.

What can it show?

High resolution ultrasound imaging will show:

  • Assessment of general pregnancy development and baby’s growth
  • Major organs, such as the skull and brain, heart and chest, abdominal organs, limbs and spine etc
  • Doppler blood flow studies of the umbilical cord and uterine vessels which can often predict issues later in pregnancy such as pre-eclampsia, high blood-pressure, poor growth of the baby etc
  • Problems associated with the uterus or cervix which might affect normal development of the pregnancy and safe delivery of the baby

Please note the vast majority of pregnancies are totally normal and ultrasound scanning provides considerable reassurance for parents.

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