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Male Screening

A problem with the male partner is present in a significant number of couples attending for fertility investigations.  In most cases this will involve the testes and / or quality of the sperm.  These issues can be easily assessed very quickly and at an early stage of investigation.

CDS can provide direct access to leading andrology services recognised for their experience in carrying out semen analysis.  The checks carried out as part of routine sperm testing are very comprehensive.  Expert personnel in this field will report on the findings and discuss them in detail with the patient.

Detailed ultrasound examination of the testes is very easy, causes no discomfort and provides valuable information.  Poor sperm quality can be associated with anatomical issues, fluid collections or distended veins (varicoceles) within the scrotum, infection or even in rare cases malignancy.  Ultrasound of the testes is of considerable benefit as an initial investigation and can identify these conditions.  It is strongly advised particularly in cases of poor sperm test results.

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