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Menopause & beyond

What scan is needed?

CDS offers considerable experience and advanced ultrasound scanning technologies in the screening of menopausal patients.  Advanced transvaginal (TVS) colour Doppler (blood flow) ultrasound is very effective in assessing general gynaecological disorders in pre- and post-menopausal patients.

What is it?


This is the natural cessation of regular menstrual periods, the onset is which is typically from 50 years of age onwards. It can also occur in earlier age groups, and can affect fertility.

The absence of menstrual periods are typically associated with symptoms such as hot flushes, disrupted sleep, lack of libido, weight gain etc. TVS is very effective in confirming the onset of menopause.

Ovarian cancer: 

The incidence of ovarian cancer increases with age, but survival rates are greatly increased by early detection. CDS has shown we can detect ovarian cancer at a very early stage, before any symptoms might occur. For this reason we recommend regular check ups. This provides considerable reassurance for the vast majority of patients.

Post-menopausal bleeding:

Experience strongly suggests the major cause of post-menopausal bleeding is hormonal in nature, and not caused by cancerous changes in the lining of the uterus (endometrium).  Colour Doppler ultrasound is very important in assessing the endometrium.


What scan is needed?

It is advisable that patients on any form of HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) are closely monitored. Modern transvaginal (TVS) colour Doppler (blood flow) ultrasound has proved very effective both in assessing both the management and safe use of HRT.

What can it show?

Most ultrasound clinics will only monitor the thickness of the womb lining during the use of HRT. This is shown to be insufficient in terms of identifying problems in the endometrium caused by the HRT. CDS offers advanced TVS and colour Doppler monitoring which is much more effective in demonstrating any abnormal tissue or vascular changes within the endometrium. This is particularly important in the case of abnormal bleeding.

In addition, CDS offers breast ultrasound, particularly for those patients on oestrogen-based HRT and where there is a family (maternal) history of breast cancer.

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