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The incidence of uterine and ovarian cancer rises with age.  Women approaching or past the onset of menopause are particularly at higher risk of pelvic (ovarian) malignancy. Transvaginal ultrasound is strongly recommended in cases of abnormal vaginal bleeding or pelvic pain at this stage of life.  There is also a need to consider regular screening at this time.

Clinical Diagnostic Services Ultrasound Scan Menopause

CDS Ultrasound Menopause Scan

CDS offers considerable experience and advanced ultrasound scanning technologies in the screening of menopausal patients.  Advanced transvaginal colour Doppler (blood flow) ultrasound is very effective in assessing general gynaecological disorders in pre- and post-menopausal patients and is able to detect evidence of cancer more accurately and at an earlier stage of development.

It also identifies abnormal hormonal (ovarian) activity which causes increased uterine bleeding and pelvic discomfort prior to the onset of the menopause. In most cases, clinical findings are normal or benign in nature.  Modern ultrasound scanning therefore provides the majority of patients with tremendous reassurance.  It also proves to be of considerable value in the pre-treatment assessment and the subsequent monitoring of patients receiving HRT.

CDS are leaders in the development of transvaginal scanning which has proved so valuable as part of modern post-menopausal screening.

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