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Ovarian (Pelvic) Screening

Advanced transvaginal scanning techniques available at CDS are shown to  increase the ability to detect ovarian cancers in particular, with greater accuracy and at a much earlier stage of the disease.  CDS is recognised worldwide for their pioneering work in developing transvaginal scanning of the ovary and promoting its use in the investigation of pelvic disease.

There are more deaths from ovarian cancer than any other form of gynaecological cancer within the UK.  Treatment of the disease has not significantly improved in recent years mainly because of failure to detect ovarian cancer at a relatively early stage.  High quality transvaginal ultrasound, combined with modern colour Doppler (vascular) imaging, as routinely practiced at CDS, greatly increases the effectiveness of pelvic scanning and in particular the early diagnosis of ovarian cancer.

Detailed ultrasound examination can also detect other forms of pelvic cancer, again at a relatively early stage.  These include cancer of the uterus (womb) and bladder.  Modern transvaginal ultrasound imaging available at CDS provides tremendous reassurance to the vast majority of women attending for ovarian and pelvic screening.

CDS offers screening at an affordable price for patients.  Patients are able to self-refer.

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