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Patient Information

Scan Referrals

Patients are able to self-refer for scans at CDS.  However, CDS strongly advises patients to obtain a formal referral from a GP, consultant or appropriate practitioner.  This ensures clinical back-up is readily available.  Medical Insurance companies usually require a formal referral if scan examination costs are to be covered.  We ask patients to make sure they understand what type of ultrasound scan has been requested and are aware of its clinical indication.

Scan Costs

A list of scan fees is readily available for patients.  CDS ask patients to check relevant costs on making their scan appointment.  Administrative staff are on-hand to give details and address relevant queries prior to the scan.

NOTE:The patient is responsible for payment of relevant scan fees at the time of the examination, unless: (i) a Medical Insurance Membership and scan authorisation number are presented beforehand and (ii) formal arrangement has been made with either the Practice Manager or Finance Manager.

Medical Insurance

CDS is registered as a provider of ultrasound scanning services for major medical insurance companies.  Patients are instructed to contact their insurance company prior to the scan examination in order to obtain  authorisation from them.  CDS requires an authorisation number and formal referral at the time of the scan examination for patients with medical insurance cover.

We would urge patients to address any queries regarding their scan or issues involving their care at CDS to Mrs Ruth Carr, CDS Practice Manager or Mrs Ingrid Sharp, CDS Finance Manager who are available to give assistance regarding any relevant matters.

Special Needs

All aspects of patient support are important and need to be addressed.  Please inform CDS if patients require any special provision or attention for whatever reason.  CDS will attempt to help with obtaining translators where language presents as a problem.

NOTE: Patients under the age of 18 years have to be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult.


Scan examinations might be sensitive in nature either due to the type of scan requested (e.g. transvaginal pelvic, breast scans etc.) or emotional needs of the patient.  Please indicate to CDS staff at any time prior to or during ultrasound examination if a chaperone might be needed.  The presence of a chaperone is available to both female and male patients for any scan carried out by either a male or female ultrasound practitioner.

NOTE: CDS scanning practitioners reserve the right to request a chaperone to be present during the scan examination.

Patient Brochures

Further information and patient brochures relating to a range of scan examinations or related aspects are readily available on request.

They include:

Advanced Pre-natal (Downs Syndrome) Screening

HSS and SIS assessment of the Fallopian Tubes and Uterine (Womb) Cavity.

Ovarian (Pelvic) Cancer Screening