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Pelvic Pain

There are many causes of pelvic pain although most tend to be gynaecological in nature.  These are normally associated with uterine masses, ovarian cysts or diffuse pelvic disease such as infection, endometriosis etc.

Clinical Diagnostic Services Ultrasound Pelvic Pain

CDS Ultrasound Pelvic Pain Service

Uterine factors might involve the presence of fibroids or adenomyosis (i.e. endometriosis within the wall of the uterus).  Simple ovarian cysts or more complex ovarian lesions can grow and cause localised discomfort.  Pelvic endometriosis (i.e. a condition where cells identical to those lining the uterine cavity are found outside the uterus) can cause cysts on the ovary and adhesions (i.e. scar tissue) within the pelvic cavity, both a potential source of pain.  Endometriosis, even in its earliest stage of development, remains a common cause of pelvic pain.

Clinical Diagnostic Services Ultrasound Pelvic Pain w/ Blood Flow

CDS Ultrasound Pelvic Pain with Blood Flow

Advanced transvaginal scanning using modern colour Doppler (blood flow) and the latest 3D technology provides detailed anatomical and clinical information in cases of pelvic pain.  3D imaging outlines uterine and ovarian tumours with greater clarity and demonstrates the general spread of pelvic disease, particularly extensive endometriosis.  Blood flow studies of the ovaries can confirm menstrual or hormonal issues resulting in acute or chronic pain.

Modern scanning techniques increase the effectiveness of ultrasound diagnosis of pelvic (ovarian + uterine etc) cancers which might cause pelvic discomfort or bloatedness. Gynaecological disorders as described above might be associated with both pelvic pain and abnormal uterine bleeding.

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