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Pregnancy Welfare Check

30 – 40 Weeks

Ultrasound scanning can identify many important clinical issues which might present within the final few months of pregnancy.  Scans after 30 weeks confirm the position of the baby and ultrasound measurements can monitor the growth of the baby and provide a relatively accurate estimate of its weight.  Placental appearances, placental-umbilical cord blood flows and amniotic fluid volumes can be assessed in order to exclude issues which might affect pregnancy outcome.

A late scan usually carried out between 32 – 35 weeks gestation provides midwives and doctors with valuable information regarding pregnancy progress and wellbeing of the baby.  Potential problems can be addressed in order to ensure normal delivery of a healthy baby.

CDS is able to arrange serial monitoring of pregnancy during later stages in cases where clinical concern might arise.  Ultrasound scanning is able to remove worry and provide parents with considerable reassurance as the birth of their child or children approaches.

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