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Ultrasound remains the primary investigation of choice for many children and babies presenting with clinical symptoms.  It is regarded as safe, extremely reliable from a diagnostic point of view and causes very little distress for the patient.

Clinical assessment and diagnosis can be difficult particularly when dealing with young children and babies.  Symptoms can be relatively non-specific such as suspected colic, infections, bloatedness, weight loss and/or poor feeding or reduced bladder or bowel activity.  Ultrasound is the ideal imaging modality for initial examination of such cases.  Detailed ultrasound scanning is of tremendous value in the examination of more specific issues.  These might include abdominal masses, liver, renal or bowel problems etc.

Problems might arise from childbirth itself, such as mild dislocation of the baby’s hips or other musculoskeletal issues.  Follow-up ultrasound could also be indicated as a result of abnormal findings during pregnancy scans.

Dr Les Berger, consultant radiologist, CDS, is regarded as an expert in this field of ultrasound. He has been the lead radiologist overseeing paediatric imaging at several major London teaching hospitals over many years.  Dr Berger enjoys a close working rapport with a number of established paediatricians which ensures appropriate continuity of care if and when required.

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