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Sexing and 4D Scans

CDS adheres to the recommendations of professional bodies such as British Medical Ultrasound Society (BMUS) and Hospital Physicists Association (HPA) regarding “non-essential” / “non-clinical” ultrasound scans in pregnancy.

CDS offers sexing scans plus 2D and 3D prints of the baby free of charge but only as part of clinical scans. 4D (i.e. moving 3D) images of the baby as well as any other digital recording of the pregnancy incurs a minimal additional charge.  Please note the above requests are carried out at the discretion of the ultrasonographers and can rely on technical issues.

Please note sexing by ultrasound, particularly in mid to late pregnancy is extremely accurate but not 100% reliable.

Ultrasound scanning provides tremendous reassurance and considerable enjoyment for couples during their pregnancy.  This is enhanced by the detailed ultrasound images now available at all stages of pregnancy.

We ask patients to request the above on booking their scan appointment.

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