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3D Ultrasound of the Womb Cavity (SIS)

3D Ultrasound of the Womb Cavity (SIS)

What is it?

SIS (sometimes referred to as fluid ultrasound or saline sonohysterography) is a specialised technique for checking the healthiness of the womb cavity and its lining. CDS are pioneers in the development of SIS and one of the few clinics worldwide who routinely offer 3D virtual imaging as part of the procedure. This new development can very often provide an alternative to the more invasive and costly surgical investigations.

SIS involves the introduction of saline (sterile water solution) through the cervix (neck of the womb), similar to HSS. Gentle distension of the womb cavity allows very detailed examination using advanced 3D ultrasound.

What can it show?

Advanced transvaginal 3D ultrasound imaging can clearly show:

  • size and shape of the womb cavity
  • any anatomical abnormalities
  • the presence of abnormal lesions within the cavity, such as fibroids, polyps, adhesions, scar tissue etc.

SIS has been shown to be hugely successful in the investigation of fertility issues, as well as identifying problems causing recurrent miscarriage.  In addition, a thorough transvaginal (TVS) examination of the pelvic organs is always carried out.  SIS is usually carried out as part of HSS assessment of the Fallopian tubes as part of fertility investigation.

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