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SIS Assessment of the Uterine Cavity

SIS (saline infusion sonohysterography) also termed fluid ultrasound, saline scan etc.

SIS involves gradual distension of the uterine (womb) cavity by the introduction of saline i.e. sterile water solution through the cervix (neck of the womb).  Advanced transvaginal 3D ultrasound imaging clearly outlines the size and shape of the cavity and any anatomical malformations.  The presence of abnormal lesions within the cavity (e.g. fibroids, polyps, adhesions i.e. scar tissues etc.) which might cause fertility issues or risk of early miscarriage can be easily detected.

SIS has been shown to be of significant value in the investigation of fertility issues, as well as recurrent miscarriage.  CDS are leaders in this field and have recently developed “virtual 3D imaging” with Toshiba Medical Systems – an ultrasound technique which provides enhanced visualisation of the cavity and an alternative, in many cases, to surgical hysteroscopy.

SIS procedures at CDS are carried out by a skilled ultrasound specialist and consultant gynaecologist, both highly experienced in this field.  A thorough ultrasound examination of the pelvic organs is always carried out in conjunction with the procedure.   SIS is usually carried out as part of HSS assessment of the Fallopian tubes as part of fertility investigation.

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