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Transvaginal Scanning

Transvaginal (“internal”) scanning is fully established as the routine technique for examining the pelvis and assessing gynaecological problems.  It is regarded as a safe technique and is very well tolerated by patients.  It is also used for monitoring early pregnancy development and has an important role to play in the investigation and treatment of recurrent miscarriage as well as fertility issues.

It provides much more anatomical and clinical information compared to transabdominal (“external”) scanning.  Abnormalities of the uterus (womb), ovaries and pelvis generally can be diagnosed with greater accuracy and detected much earlier by transvaginal ultrasound.  Modern transvaginal scanning provides an effective basis for pelvic (ovarian) cancer screening.

Bill Smith, Head of CDS, is recognised internationally for his pioneering work and contribution to developing scanning and promoting its clinical use in important areas of women’s healthcare.

Transvaginal scanning is not suitable for younger or some of the more elderly patients. Transabdominal scanning is used as an alternative for those patients or others who might find internal examination unacceptable for whatever reason.  These issues are treated with utmost sensitivity at CDS.  Patients are welcome to request a chaperone to be present during a transvaginal examination.

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