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Treatment Options for the Older Patient

Clinical trends seem to ignore the fact that many thousands of women in their late thirties and forties conceive naturally each year and go on to enjoy a totally normal pregnancy and birth of a very healthy child.

Experience confirms that a significant number of couples presenting with “infertility of unknown cause”, even when the female partner is over the age of forty years, will achieve pregnancy following detailed ultrasound monitoring of natural ovulatory cycles.  This particularly applies when advanced ultrasound scanning technology excludes evidence of gynaecological disease or ovulatory disorder.

CDS provides particular support for the so-called “older patient” in major areas of reproductive medicine and fertility treatments.  Detailed assessment of ovulatory status and general gynaecological screening utilising modern ultrasound scanning technology is available to our patients.  This includes close monitoring of early pregnancy development and advanced prenatal (non-invasive) screening tests.

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