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Advanced Ultrasound Scanning

What is it?

CDS is able to offer our patients very advanced ultrasound imaging technologies, including:

  • 2D and 3D transvaginal (internal) scanning
  • Transabdominal (external) scanning
  • Colour Doppler (blood flow) imaging
  • Gynaecological procedures
  • Virtual 3D ultrasound imaging

What do they show?

2D and 3D transvaginal (internal) scanning (TVS): very important in assessing gynaecological disease within the pelvis that might affect fertility or the normal development of early pregnancy. This might include the presence of endometriosis, fibroids or abnormalities of the ovaries.

Transabdominal (external) scanning: complements TVS, and is valuable in assessing gynaecological disease that might affect the abdominal organs e.g. endometriosis and pelvic cancers. It can also be used where TVS is unsuitable e.g. our younger and more elderly patients.

Colour Doppler (blood flow) imaging: Modern colour Doppler imaging shows very fine blood flow through organ tissues as well as within major arteries and veins.  This allows diffuse disease, such as pelvic infection or endometriosis, to be identified more clearly.  It can also show blood flow changes within the ovary which reflect hormonal activity and ovulatory changes without the need for blood tests.  Transvaginal colour Doppler imaging is shown to be very effective indeed in the early detection of ovarian and other pelvic cancers.

Gynaecological procedures: Enhanced ultrasound examination of the Fallopian tubes (HSS/HyCoSy) and uterine cavity (SIS) to show their overall healthiness. Ultrasound guidance provides a very effective technique for biopsy of the uterine lining, insertion and removal of coils etc.

Virtual 3D ultrasound imaging: CDS has collaborated with Canon Medical Systems to create the very first virtual 3D imaging system. It produces very detailed life-like pictures of the inside of the uterine cavity, and has shown to be immensely valuable in assessing cases of abnormal uterine bleeding and/or recurrent miscarriage. Virtual 3D ultrasound at CDS is used as part of the SIS procedure.

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