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Early Pregnancy

Early Pregnancy Ultrasound at CDS

What it is?

Transvaginal (TVS) ultrasound, or internal scanning, enables very precise assessment of pregnancy development. It is the established technique for scanning pregnancies up to 10 weeks gestation, and is regarded as being very safe for both baby and mother. It is far superior to transabdominal scanning.

When can you have it?

Routinely used from 5 – 10 weeks, but is often used earlier in special circumstances.

What can it show?

  • Very early evidence of pregnancy
  • Detection of heartbeat from around 5 weeks
  • Location and numbers of pregnancy
  • The healthiness of the womb
  • Hormonal activity essential for early pregnancy development
  • Complications, such as ectopic pregnancy etc.

Early scanning can provide tremendous reassurance and support, particularly where there might be vaginal bleeding or discomfort during the first few weeks or a history of infertility or recurrent miscarriage.

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