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Ultrasound of the Fallopian Tubes (HSS)

Ultrasound of the Fallopian Tubes (HSS)

What is it?

HSS (sometimes referred to as HyCoSy or ultrasound SHG) uses a special solution to accurately assess the healthiness of the Fallopian tubes. The procedure involves a speculum examination similar to that of a smear test. The solution is gently flushed through the womb cavity and into the Fallopian tubes. This is carried out with continual ultrasound scanning.

What can it show?

HSS can demonstrate any blockages or other issues which might be associated with the tubes and cause fertility issues.

In addition, a thorough transvaginal (TVS) examination of the pelvic organs is always carried out. HSS will also sometimes include an SIS as part of the same procedure.

A patient information brochure will be given on booking which explains the procedure in further detail.

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