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Many couples and individuals carry an instinctive, emotional desire to have children as part of creating a stable, loving family unit. When someone has difficulty in conceiving or experiences miscarriage, we need to understand there is not only a sense of loss but there is also pain. We have to ask ourselves in these days of advanced clinical technology, are those experiencing fertility problems given appropriate access and guidance towards treatments?

CDS has decades of experience in the field of fertility, and has pioneered many of the techniques used today in clinics worldwide. We are delighted to have been involved in the safe arrival of thousands of babies, and we also welcome and support same-sex couples, single parents, and the needs of older mothers.

There are many factors that can affect fertility in both women and men, and CDS is able to provide a very comprehensive fertility service as well as access to a wide range of treatments for those who have experienced a delay in falling pregnant.

In addition to the fertility services listed here, we are also able to arrange for a number of tests to be carried out alongside these scans, in order to eliminate the possibility of any other underlying medical problem that could be affecting fertility.  These may include semen analysis and blood tests to check hormone levels.

At CDS, we know that the process of trying to conceive can be an emotional one and that the treatment required will be different for each couple and individual.  You can be sure that whatever your experience, our team will offer you a personalised service, in an understanding and supportive environment.

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