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Olivia’s Story

From itchy legs to two beautiful boys!

Olivia Wayne is Mum to Ozzie (3 1/2 years) and Iziah (7 1/2 months) and says she owes her beautiful family to Bill Smith and CDS.

“It’s not an overstatement to say I owe everything to Bill – I’m so lucky that he was recommended to me by a family friend. In fact, I’ve gone on to recommend him to at least 10 more people who were trying to start a family, and will continue to talk about him to anyone that needs him!

 I’m very fortunate in that my route to having my boys was fairly straight forward compared to others. Some  of my best friends have been on such long IVF journeys  which is just heartbreaking to watch, especially when all we can give them is words of support.

My journey to becoming a Mum started with itchy legs believe it or not! I had convinced myself it was a liver condition or Candida, and I’d taken advice to cut out all sorts of things from my diet. One meeting and a scan with Bill and he immediately diagnosed too much estrogen and not enough progesterone. I was monitored for a month, and was pregnant the following month, upon which Bill immediately arranged for me to take progesterone. I had multiple scans throughout the pregnancy and our first son Ozzie arrived safe and sound!

Olivia, Ozzie & Iziah

 When we decided to start trying for our second baby, the first thing I did was go and see Bill. I hadn’t had a period in the whole time since Ozzie had arrived (over 2 years earlier) and I knew something felt off. I had a scan and it turned out I was pregnant, but so early on that a pregnancy test wouldn’t have even shown it – our second son Iziah arrived later that year.

 My one wish is that everyone who was trying to start a family would go and see Bill and CDS first. Obviously all the data around fertility and pregnancy is averaged out, but nobody has the clear knowledge they need about their own bodies and cycles. There are so many factors that can be tweaked, and so many things that can be tried before resorting to IVF, which is a huge strain – emotionally, physically and financially.

Bill was, and is, an incredibly wise and comforting presence in what is a difficult time. His expert knowledge and experience really feels like a level ship in stormy seas, a comfort blanket, and I know he would help me with whatever I needed.”

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