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Menstrual Disorders

Menstrual disorders are primarily functional in nature.  This means they tend to involve abnormal ovarian (hormonal) activity which usually results in heavier, more painful menstrual bleeding.  Other, co-existing symptoms might also include any combination of abdominal bloatedness, irritable bowel-type symptoms, breast tenderness and lumpiness, urinary frequency and headaches, PMS etc. as well as general pelvic discomfort.

CDS has considerable experience in the investigation of the above problems and recognises the effects these disorders can have in terms of “quality of life”.  Advanced transvaginal colour Doppler (blood flow) ultrasound is very successful in identifying those patients experiencing functional (menstrual) disorders of this type.  CDS works very closely with established clinical consultants and complementary practitioners skilled in the treatments of these disorders – direct referral is available for patients on request.

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