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NIPT (Harmony, Serenity, etc.) Blood Test

This is a very advanced blood test which examines the DNA from the baby’s cells which circulate within the mother’s blood.  Blood samples are sent to a specific laboratory in the USA.  Early reports suggest a detection rate of up to 99% in terms of Down’s Syndrome screening as well as several other of the more common chromosomal abnormalities which might affect the fetus.

The test is recommended for patients who might present with an increased risk of Down’s Syndrome following “Basic Nuchal Testing” or “Comprehensive Fetal Screening”, or else for patients who might be deemed “high risk”, particularly by virtue of maternal age or previous fetal abnormality.  The test is available to all patients if additional reassurance is required but it is recommended that a pre-test consultation should be arranged beforehand in order to fully discuss aspects of “Harmony Testing”.

The blood test is carried out from 10 weeks gestation onwards, together with a basic ultrasound scan which confirms pregnancy dates.

A follow-up, detailed anatomical assessment of the baby is recommended approximately 2 weeks following the blood test. The “Harmony Blood Test” results are usually available to the patient at the time of the follow-up scan.  Copies of the scan and blood test results are given to the patient.  The Harmony Test itself can be carried out at any stage of the pregnancy but in most cases as part of First Trimester Screening between 10-14 weeks gestation.

NOTE:  The vast majority of pregnancies are normal and result in the birth of a totally healthy baby.  Experience at CDS shows this also applies to mothers over the age of 40 years.

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