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Pregnancy Ultrasound

CDS Ultrasound scanning provides tremendous reassurance for couples at all stages of pregnancy. The CDS scanning team has extensive experience in ultrasound and patients enjoy access to very modern scanning techniques and equipment.

Normal development can be confirmed at an exceptionally early stage indeed. Complications in early pregnancy can be diagnosed very effectively using high resolution transvaginal scanning. CDS works very closely with established clinical specialists in the investigation and treatment of recurrent miscarriage.

CDS offers advanced screening techniques for Downs Syndrome and other congenital abnormalities. High resolution ultrasound assessment of the baby is complemented by the latest development in blood testing such as “Harmony Test”. Detailed ultrasound of the baby at approx. 12-14 and 20-22 weeks gestation and improved blood tests from the mother identifies most problems associated with the baby’s development.

Ultrasound scanning within the final few months provides valuable information regarding growth of the baby and general pregnancy welfare. Late scans can identify potential problems and reduce the risk of poor pregnancy outcome.


The vast majority of pregnancies are absolutely normal and result in the delivery of a totally healthy baby. Partners are encouraged to attend scans. Routine ultrasound imaging provides continual enjoyment to couples throughout pregnancy (See our Pregnancy Scan Packages for more details).

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